About us

imgAboutUsWhy a name like "Thinkmasters"?

We're often asked this question, and it sometimes isn't easy to think of an appropriate reply. "To make you think of us ... " was a friendly repartee, or "To keep us on our toes to make sure we produce good work ... " which made us truthful because its always a challenge to live up to our name.

The truth of the matter is we aim to be a part of the knowledge-based economy that is quickly emerging, and we hope our name reflects our commitment toward deep, creative and practical thinking as an integral part of consultancy. We want to offer valued ideas and solutions to businesses.

If you've noticed, our acronym "T M A" affords us the motto of " THOUGHT, METHODOLOGY, ACTION ", which we think is a neat description of our approach to your problems. This represents our hallmark of producing quality work that works, with processes that are transparent and capable of modifications or expansions further down the road. Most importantly, we think through execution issues to ensure implementation of our solutions.