2001 - Todate

  • Designed a Tracking tool to map Key Indicators of a major product for a client in Asia Pacific, encompassing inputs of stakeholders, customers, market potential, order milestones, finance and key marketing campaigns, for use by Brand managers across Asia Pacific.

  • Designed a Management Tool to map top customers in South Korea, provided recommendations to incorporate market sizing methodology and inputs.

  • Designed and implemented a Key Account Management Tool for a client in the UK, including support and maintenance services.

  • Identified Key Performance Indicators for marketing professionals across 8 countries in Asia Pacific, designed and implemented input templates and a Performance Scorecard measurement Tool for senior management use, including support and maintenance services for the client.

  • Developed a model for market size mapping and forecasting the trajectory for the entire emerging market for the client.

  • Developed cloud-based platform that helps our clients in project management and team collaboration assignments.

  • Concretised a strategy roadmap for a premier social club articulating and communicating its mission, values and vision.

1994 - 2000

  • Launched Value Based Management suite of tools to map core ideology, strategy and track key performance indicators. Rolled-out strategic thinking, planning and performance measurement scorecard projects for clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Developed a compendium of training workshops under the theme, " Helping Professionals Create Value", to meet the needs of professionals seeking to create value for enterprises. In the process, drew up a position paper "Leading Your Human Resource Toward Value Creation : Using the Training Roadmap" as a roadmap for developing intellectual capital within an organisation.

  • Performed role as co project manager in implementing specific modules of from SAP across client’s offices in USA, Tokyo and Asia, as early adopters of's - Strategic Entrerprise Management (SEM) module. The SEM module underpins the valuation of a business model through discounted Free Cash Flow, identifies value gaps and drivers, measures and tracks them. The implementation provided management with tools to measure value creation efforts, practice balanced scorecard methodology and improve investor relations.

  • Successfully closed a fund-raising exercise of US$15 mio to fund the acquisition of a network security business division of a USA corporate by a sponsor group, was further appointed as consultants to the management team of the newly incorporated entity.

  • Specially designed and ran a Financial Modelling course for a European Bank through multiple classes in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Sydney. Participants were equipped individually with a desktop for the duration of the 3-day course, and included equity analysts, corporate finance executives and other related investment banking activities.

  • Appointed as consultants to a Thai corporate on behalf of majority investor sovereign wealth fund; performed due diligence, corporate and debt restructuring, and facilitated negotiations with creditor banks and investors for recapitalisation plans.

  • Appointed as consultants to review a valuation report a Thai entity for purposes of divestment to a UK entity. Responsible for proposing alternative valuation methodologies, and was actively involved in negotiations on behalf of the Thai sponsors.

  • Conducted training programs under the Institute of Banking & Finance in Singapore, and members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Singapore.

  • Completed a 2-month-long feasibility study on investment and financing opportunities in the real estate sector in East Asia. The project cumulated in a full report and analysis of opportunities in this region, for consideration by our client's headquarters.

  • Launched a Training Division to provide in-house and external training for financial institutions and corporates in Singapore. Our first in-house course was conducted for an American financial institution and was well received.

  • Completed a 2 1/2 month-long study to explore opportunities for the marketing of new business products in the Real Estate industry by a financial institution in the East Asia region. Our report covered a market feasibility study, accompanied by our recommendations on the market entry strategy. The report included our full recommendations for the corporate and credit policies and procedures for administering the portfolio.