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21 February 2015 Written by 
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From my experience, when embarking on a project for change, it is extremely useful to socialise

the issues / findings to as many stakeholders from within the concerned organisation. Even if the initiative comes from the local/regional level, it is important to get the feedback at the global level as well.

Ideas can come from any direction and typically (though not necessarily) pain serves as the catalyst for change.

While strategizing is important to shape the objectives / outcomes of an initiative such as key account management, proper execution is critical for success e.g. alignment to the strategy, data capture / structure, measuring and managing value drivers etc.

A mashup of domain know-how, technology and networking into an actionable solution that can be deployed quickly is certainly a plus to pique the interest as well as to gain the trust of the process owners.

The challenge is to close the gap between the time of initiating such a strategic-based project and for the technological element to get up to speed. A ubiquitous platform that is flexible enough to satisfy the core requirements for the project to be launched seamlessly is increasingly a deciding factor on the outcome of the latter.

It is arguably a given that companies must articulate, communicate and execute business models that underpin sustainable value creation. The Integrated Reporting <IR> is an example of such a movement. The legacy system will come under increasing pressure to change if they do not wish to have their “Kodak moment”.

Technology is an enabler of change. Empowering individuals with the right tool /environment will help to foster shared values, shape beliefs and attitude that align behaviour to sustainable value creation for the rest to fall in place consequently.

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