A journey on sustainable value creation

20 June 2014 Written by 
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Value creation may mean different things to different people.

Nevertheless, it should not detract us from discovering a pathway that allows us to embark on a sustainable value creation journey. We look forward to participating in the many conversations and sharing insights to this game-changing sustainable value creation movement.

We listen while engaging in conversations. What are ‘conversations’ ? We see these as safe rooms with enough space and time for imagination to take root. ‘Thinking- conversations’ encourage people to see things differently, and seek the third alternative to ‘deadlocked’ issues. Thinking methodically can be time consuming, yet we believe such an investment will yield process-driven solutions. Then investing more time in the socialisation process with stakeholders and champions ensures a positive project impact. Process-guided thinking is a good way to institutionalise value-seeking behaviour at an individual level.

About Us

Thinkmasters is adept at mapping key business processes to concretise clear, insightful thinking, and then designing templates or tools which are easy to use but effective for systematic roll out of strategies.

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