Collaboration that aligns to a purpose

24 February 2015 Written by 
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Purpose over profit leading to meaningful collaboration is a powerful concept.

Trust is the basis for such collaboration. With this reasoning, one must then be predisposed to the core values underpinning the principles behind such collaboration.

Learning from past experience, I find it helpful to understand the origin of being ( purpose / mission ) of a business and what core values ( culture ) exude from there, when considering an engagement.

I find values such as integrity, competency ( when combined equals trustworthiness ) , care and empathy are important for meaningful collaboration. “And core values are not something people “buy in” to. Team members must be predisposed to holding these “ ( Jim Collins ).

These are foundational pieces in building a responsive entity able to learn and respond rapidly by optimizing its resources.

On a practical basis, we are confronted with choices. The AAAAs and the CCCCs are easy to deal with - what about the other 79 possibilities? Engage a consultant? – perhaps.

The path to elect would be one where the outcomes ( not outputs ) are of quality. I find myself asking: is it quality? ( Lila - An Inquiry Into Morals by R. Prisig – reading extract from the internet is good enough to get some idea ).

The diminishing public trust is the perception that corporations are privatizing profits and socialising costs. Some corporations are looking into system thinking and holonomics to gain insights to the meaning of sustainability ( purpose over profit ) and dealing with negative externalities.

This conversation is a small but important step forward.

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