Project Mint Brief – Follow up Part 2

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Milestone – Mitigating the risk of a single point of failure.

Rolling out a network of systems that allows for the production/delivery of goods and services to the marketplace, especially the white space. An integrated payment processing system to complete the last mile for trade anywhere in the world.


Online store – including outsourcing and in-house capability. Goods and services to include virtual services with layer 2 payment processing solution and applications on top of the payment platform (lightning apps or lapps).

At the first phase, virtual services are categorised into:

  • art – sketching helps to increase the power of observation, understanding and appreciating spatial structure, communicating ideas and concepts through storyboarding. This includes drawing faces, anime,
  • coding – Python, HTML, PHP
  • education/training – finance, sales & marketing, information technology

In getting ready for a world of smarteverything, it will be necessary to merge technology on internet of things to the currency of the internet. For a start, it will be useful to build the base for individuals to participate in this space.

Automation – installing microprocessor i.e.

  • Raspberry Pi 3B running on Linux
    • formatting of SD Card
    • downloading NOOBS
    • downloading Raspbian, a Debian-based computer operating system for Raspberry Pi
    • downloading Apache web server to work in tandem with the various programming languages - Python, HTML, PHP etc.
  • Vending machine (integrating payment processing to the brick-and-mortar world)
    • installing/configuring Pusher – as a service/relaying platform to trigger code(s)/function(s)
    • screen, breadboard, GPIO – including installation of sensors, code to trigger event when certain conditions are met
    • mobile wallet


Bridging the last mile gap - to alleviate the pain points for on boarding individuals to the respective communities.  To look for the path of least resistance / low hanging fruits to entice the early adopters/influencers into the ecosystem. Key account management can be applied to fast track adoption.

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