Project Mint Brief – Follow up Part 3

03 January 2019 Written by 
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Milestone – building vibrant communities.

Building vibrant communities is tough. Individuals are driven differently and even when interests are perceived to be aligned, two issues surfaced– byzantine generals’ problem and tragedy of the commons.

The approach is to break up the problem into simpler parts. First of all, the individuals. Individuals behave differently but when we can identify the pain shared by these individuals, we may be able to find a solution. Individuals will have different pain threshold and will resort to behaviours (based on their beliefs) resulting in tragedy of the commons i.e. depleting resources that are for the common use. Next we need to identify the influencers who are likely to be early adopters to the solution. These are individuals who possess the right values and beliefs that seek to minimise loss arising from the tragedy of the commons. In other words, they work for the common good of the community.

Also the solution must have a mechanism to prevent a ‘double spend’ i.e. cheating, from occurring. The idea is to have consensus so that no minority group can mount a 51% attack. This passivity (sort of) can be supplemented with tougher measures to deter bad actors.

In our experience with social outings/activities, bad actors can be prevented from double spending when there is a presence of strong leadership. Bad actors are invariably exposed and they will opt out of the ecosystem to seek greener pasture.

Individuals possessing values such as integrity, competency, care and empathy are likely to be good opinion leaders/influencers. As early adopters, these individuals will also get to share a greater piece of the pie as the network effect takes hold.


Draw (Haku) to impart values.

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