Digital financial reporting - simple, fast and recursive way to consume data


This 1 day workshop serves to fast track the learning process for regulators, strategic planners, accountants, finance professionals, analysts and or stakeholders with roles in supervision, strategy and execution; interested in data consumption e.g. extracting companies’ key metrics for benchmarking purposes, in their course of work.

Since companies tap the capital markets to fund their respective invested capitals, various stakeholders are keen to ensure that scarce resources are allocated to deserving business models that demonstrate sustainable value creation.

This is achieved through market regulation ensuring optimal functioning for the good of society - and the more effective and efficient way is for players to be well informed and what better way than through the democratisation of data. Many jurisdictions have already implemented digital financial reporting ( data creation ) such as 10-K filings (annual reports )  in the USA. The guiding principles for data consumption are: simple, fast and repeatable.

Ploughing through the available online literature on digital financial reporting, we noted that at present there are road blocks to the way for data to be properly consumed.

This course serves to help professionals understand the digital financial reporting framework and explore various workarounds to these barriers to consume data. 

If you are interested, please contact us for details.